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Overcoming Addiction: Florida Veteran Receives Support On Journey to Sobriety

Navigating the path to stability while battling substance abuse can be a demanding journey. Yet, within this journey, lies a realm of hope and potential. This was the case for John Meyers*, an Air Force veteran (’91-’13) who turned to Panhandle Warrior Partnership (PWP) for support in his pursuit of sobriety.

Meyers’ wife, Jane*, referred John to PWP after another unfortunate relapse. Upon connecting with PWP Case Coordinator Kenneth Thompson, John’s determination to conquer his struggle became evident. Discussing this process with Mr. and Mrs. Meyers, Kenneth carefully presented them with a range of options, ensuring they were equipped to make an informed decision. Guided by John’s ultimate well-being, Case Coordinator Thompson thoroughly examined PWP’s network of partners and initiated communication with a local behavioral hospital’s Veteran Liaison. Thompson provided the contact with the veteran’s information, elaborated on the situation, and expressed that the veteran would be in contact soon. John and his wife, determined to reclaim his life, immediately contacted the facility and were able to get him admitted.

With the rehabilitation process now successfully behind him, John has emerged with newfound hope and a strong sense of well-being. Though we are proud of the strength John was able to find in himself to achieve sobriety, PWP’s commitment to his journey does not end here. Case Coordinator Thompson will continue to check in and offer any support PWP has to offer to continue his transition to empowerment as smoothly as possible. John is grateful for the holistic support PWP was able to provide, and we are honored to help create a profound impact in his and his family’s life.

*Name has been changed in this story to protect the individual's identity.


The Panhandle is stronger when our veterans are stronger. Connect with PWP to learn more about how you can give back to the Panhandle veteran community by visiting our website and completing an online form:

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