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Community Integration in Action: Naval Veteran Receives Food and Housing Assistance

Case Coordinator Kenneth Thompson received a call from Mike, a disabled Navy Veteran (1985-87) located in the Panhandle community, looking for food assistance. After connecting him with local food pantries, Mike expressed that he was also worried about affording housing in the upcoming months. Panhandle Warrior Partnership (PWP) provided him with housing resources and connected him with an SSVF program to assist further with this issue. Kenneth followed up a week later to check on Mike. He was thankful to PWP for helping him get food for himself and his dogs and connecting him with a housing program.

A month later, Kenneth reached out to Mike to see if his housing situation was resolved yet. Thanks to the help of Kenneth and the SSVF program PWP provided, Mike was able to find affordable new housing. The SSVF program assisted with his deposits for his utility bills and paid the first month of his rent. Mike was incredibly grateful for the holistic support PWP was able to provide by giving him a more stable home life.


With support from caring and passionate donors, Panhandle Warrior Partnership (PWP) continues empowering our community to empower our veterans. Please consider making a donation today to PWP. Your generous, tax-deductible contribution supports PWP's collaborative work across the Panhandle to meet veterans where they are, ensuring they are connected to all the resources and opportunities they have earned.

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