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A Veteran's New Mission: Finding Purpose and Employment

Obtaining a job is often more than just a means to pay bills. For many, employment provides a sense of identity and fulfillment, transforming routine tasks into meaningful contributions. This was the case for KaSandra Bowden, an Air Force veteran seeking part-time employment while attending school full-time.

After fourteen years of service, KaSandra left the Air Force as a Staff sergeant in 2018. Recently, she decided to pursue her education and enroll in school. However, this left her feeling somewhat unfulfilled. After being referred by a fellow Warrior, KaSandra connected with Panhandle Warrior Partnership (PWP) for support. KaSandra attended a local veterans' coffee meetup where PWP was present. During the event, she expressed her need for part-time employment. Balancing full-time school and financial responsibilities, she needed a flexible job that would also give her a sense of purpose.

Through the event, PWP connected KaSandra with CareerSource Okaloosa for employment services. During their meeting, CareerSource recognized her potential and asked for her resume. They introduced her to their VA Work Study program, offering an opportunity perfectly aligned with her needs.

“I cannot thank Panhandle Warrior Partnership enough for helping me get in touch with the right people at CareerSource Okaloosa Walton. They helped me get a fantastic job that works completely around my college schedule and is all about helping veterans.” - KaSandra Bowden, Air Force Veteran

KaSandra interviewed for the position and was offered the job. The role provided financial support and allowed her to contribute and grow professionally. She was thrilled to give back to her community while advancing her career. PWP is excited to see KaSandra prosper in her new role and will continue to keep a relationship with her to ensure she has the support she needs to succeed.


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